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Monsieur Je... R...
1111-1111 Seoul
Corée Du Sud

Informations personnelles publiques:
Date de naissance : 1979-09-20
Situation de famille :

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Date de dernière connexion : 2011-02-05

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Fonctions: chemist, ,
Secteur d'activité: chemistry, ,
Date de début de la disponibilité: now
Salaire souhaité:

Etudes :
Type d'études Diplômes :
Autres Formations :
2005 - 2009 Doctoral thesis in organic synthesis at the Laboratory of Bioactive Molecules and Aroma Chemistry (LCMBA), University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNSA), France (mention excellent).
2003 - 2005 Master degree in chemistry, UNSA, France.
1999 - 2002 Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, UNSA, France (mention satisfactory).
1995 - 1998 High school, Lycée Renoir, cagnes sur mer, France.

lues écrites parlées : French (native speaker) English
comprises : Korean

Secteur géographique:
Ville: Seoul, Département: Mobile, Région: Mobile, Pays: Corée du Sud

CV :

Monsieur Je... R...
1111-1111 Seoul
Corée Du Sud


07. 03.01 - 07.07.31
Research engineer: development of multi-spectrometric tools for the Online University of Science project (UNISCIEL) at the Development Center for Informatics and Learning Chemistry (CDIEC), France

07.09.01- 07.10.31
Research engineer: synthesis of high added value products and development of new production processes (vitamin E, vitamin K, coenzyme Qn, etc…), CNRS UMR 6001, in collaboration with CDP innovation, France

06.10.01 - 06.12.31
Research engineer: synthesis of high added value products, CNRS UMR 6001, in collaboration with Chanel, France

05.09.01 - 09.01.23
Ph.D. student: doctoral thesis in organic chemistry: "Catalysis with metallic triflates and triflimidates: Friedel-Crafts allylation and intramolecular alkenylation" at the University of Nice, France. Ph.D. supervisor: Dr. E. Duñach

05.01.01 - 05.06.30
Internship: master degree in organic chemistry: "Friedel-Crafts catalytic allylation" at the University of Nice, France
05.02.13 Consultant: choose a chemistry software for a pecific project about database creation, Arkopharma Nice, France


2005 - 2008
Teaching assistant: organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry for undergraduate students at the University of Nice, France

2005 - 2008
Mentoring: mid-level undergraduate trainees at the LCMBA, France

2001 - 2007
Tutoring: private lessons in chemistry, physics and mathematics for undergraduate students


04.05.15 - 04.09.07
Cinema employee: reception, confectionery and ticket selling for Pathé Cinema, Nice,

2003 - 2008
Engineer: conception, realization and installation of media center and home automation systems for Sensitive Audio Video at Sophia Antipolis, France

1996 - 2005
various part time job experiences

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Je... R...
1111-1111 Seoul
Corée Du Sud


I have just finished my Ph.D. thesis at the Laboratory of Bioactive Molecules and Aroma Chemistry (LCMBA) at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in France. This laboratory specialises inter alia in metallic triflates or triflimidates (Lewis super acids) as a catalyst for developing new synthetic pathways. During my thesis, I developed a methodology for Friedel-Crafts allylation reactions and derivates and ynthesised numerous new products by the development of new production processes. I have a proven talent for taking the initiative to start projects and work well both individually and as part of a cross-functional team to complete them. Furthermore, I have successfully accomplished several missions for external companies (Chanel, CDP innovation) in order to develop new synthesis methods giving access to high value products. My passion for organic synthesis has been confirmed by these significant experiences.
I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss your particular needs and how I can help your laboratory successfully carry out its mission. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your time.


Monsieur Je... R...

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