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The Experts in South Korea specialized in the "trade" industry on coree-du-sud-enligne

The last independent specialized in : trade

Services provider to international companies and organizations devoted to dissemination of primary scientific, technological, and medical information
* Editorial: Publications programme initiator • Pharma patent analyst • Standards drafting advice • Contract negotiation * Production: Translation, editorial procedure optimization * Marketing: Proposal and launch dossier assembly * Mentor, consultant and trainer

Traducteur Technique FRANCAIS>ESPAGNOL Interprétariat téléphonique Français>Espagnol>Français Traductions web ONG Franco-Espagnoles
Passionnée par les langues et spécialiste de la traduction technique du français à l’espagnol, je suis réactive, rigoureuse, flexible et très respectueuse des délais impartis. Professionnelle, je ne traduis que vers ma langue maternelle.

Journalist, photographer and writer, video operator (Canon 7 D)
Photographer and writer i have traveled to different parts of the world capturing the faces, places and events that shape lives. We all have a story to tell and whether it s through the written word or with photos, this story should be explored and shared. This is my work and passion.